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Activities For Toddlers

What At-Home Activities Are Best for Toddler Development?

The toddler years are crucial for your little one’s development. These youngsters soak up everything around them like sponges and learn quickly. According to NorthShore, five main areas of development are crucial to nurture: physical, cognitive, emotional and social, language, and sensory and motor skills. Ensuring your child is engaged in appropriate activities for toddlers will keep them on track!
Outdoor Fun
The world is full of senses and sounds that can help your child learn through nature and their bodies. By engaging with various toys outside, like drawing with chalk, jumping rope, and kicking a soccer ball, tots develop fine and gross motor skills. Coordination will also improve as they ride a bike and run across the lawn playing with siblings and other little ones in your neighborhood.
Art Projects
Art is a beautiful way for little ones to enjoy sensory play, learn their colors, and develop necessary motor skills. Additionally, exposure to art encourages cognitive development. Finger paints can be messy, but investing in a drop cloth will help contain the mess while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Playing with play dough can help your toddler learn the early art of sculpture and how things work. They can begin to draw and color, too.
Building With Toys
Children learn how things work as they grow through activities for toddlers. Many will enjoy building with blocks, while investing in Lego sets can help tots learn how to create cars, trucks, and buildings. Such toys help lay the foundation children need to enjoy and engage in STEM concepts as they grow older. Magnetic tiles are another great idea!
Imaginative Play
Toddlers often imitate their world through imaginative play. A play kitchen with all the accessories provides ample time for your little one to pretend they run a restaurant. Dolls give children the opportunity to create unique scenarios for their figurines to interact. Parents can play pretend, too! You can simply pick up a stick and claim it’s a magic wand. Then, watch the story unfold as your living room transforms into a magic kingdom.
Engaging in age-appropriate activities for toddlers ensures emotional, social, and cognitive growth and development. Here at Key Point Academy Aventura, we understand the importance of playing outdoors, engaging in art, building with toys, and encouraging imaginative play. Contact our Aventura preschool today to learn more about what we can offer your little one!