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Top tips to prepare your child for preschool

Preschools help lay a foundation that can last a lifetime! According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 50% of three and four-year-olds and about 86% of five-year-olds were enrolled in a pre-k program in 2021. Given the young age your child is when they go to pre-k, this is often a big adjustment for parents and children. Here are a few tips to help prepare your little one for this transition.

Develop a Routine

Preschools often have a routine for children. Children without a routine at home may take longer to adjust than children who do. It’s a good idea to speak with preferred pre-k programs and familiarize with their arrival, snack, and nap times. Then, begin implementing a similar routine at home. This will facilitate your child’s transition into the preschool routine.

Teach Independence

Parents can begin helping their child develop independence long before starting in a preschool program. By encouraging them to carry out certain tasks such as putting on their shoes, zipping up their jacket, and opening a snack they can help their child prepare to carry out these tasks when they enter preschool. Depending on the age of the child of course, teachers and child care providers will help children with any self-help tasks they may struggle with.

Practice Separation

Transitioning into preschool can be difficult for young children. Being in preschool means separating from their primary caregiver and being surrounded by other adults and children. There are tips that are recommended to help your child before and during this process. You can start by leaving your child with a family member or babysitter for a few hours a week. You can schedule play dates with other children so he or she can start developing confidence in playing with others. Once your child starts school, it is important to always say ‘bye’, to reassure them that you will return and to show confidence in your decision.

Visit the New Learning Environment

Take your child to visit the preschool you have chosen. Tour the classroom and meet with their teacher. During your visit, staff will show you and your little one the different areas of the school. Quality preschools generally also have an initial meet-and-greet. Seeing this new unfamiliar space in advance, can help ease feelings of anxiety and allow for a smoother transition.

We understand that your little one heading to preschool is a big milestone! That’s why we’re here to help you and your child every step of the way. Contact Key Point Academy Aventura when you’re ready to schedule a tour!