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Lifelong Skills That Start in Preschool

Research has found that preschool gives children a head start not just in academics but also in their social development. There are many benefits to early education programs. Here are some lifelong skills that start at the preschool level.

Sharing Is Caring

When children are at home with their parents, they are often the center of attention and generally, they do not experience situations that facilitate the development of social skills unless they have siblings of similar age. The moment they begin to interact with other children of the same or similar age, they begin to acquire important social skills such as sharing. Preschools with toddler programs provide multiple opportunities that help children learn to share toys and materials with others.

Learning Can Be Enjoyable

If your child is placed in a stimulating and nurturing learning environment, they will be more likely to develop a love of learning from a young age. After all, whether it’s preschool, kindergarten, or other primary years, children find learning more enjoyable when the teaching approach is creative, hands-on, and engaging. According to NPR, students who went to preschool have a graduation rate of 70%, which is 6 points more than those who didn’t attend. Those early enjoyable years in preschool may play a significant role in children’s probability of remaining in school and may even have higher graduation outcomes.

Taking Turns Matters

Learning to take turns is another important skill that children develop when they get the opportunities to interact with other children. Taking turns is an important social skill that helps children develop patience, empathy, respect and self-control. The younger children are, the easier it will be for them to acquire this important skill.

You’re Part of a Team

Learning to work with others is also a skill that children develop once they enter toddler programs, kindergarten, or other primary school years. Through teamwork and collaboration helps children understand they need others and others need them. It helps them feel that they are part of a team. Knowing how to be part of a team can help them have good relations with their family, friends, community, and future coworkers.

These are some of the lifelong skills that children can acquire by attending preschool. Don’t underestimate the value of getting your little one involved in a toddler program. Contact Key Point Academy today for more information about how our toddler program can benefit your child.