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Holistic Approach To Child Development

What Is Included in Holistic Child Development?

A holistic approach to child development aims to foster well-rounded students who are compassionate, creative, and confident. This method of child development focuses on nurturing the whole child. Here are some things addressed with this approach in school.

1. Cognitive Development

A holistic approach encourages children to think critically and helps them develop vital problem-solving skills. It provides opportunities for expression through music, art, and play. Language and literacy skills are taught to encourage children to develop curiosity. With a holistic approach, young ones are encouraged to communicate their ideas appropriately and effectively. A balanced curriculum that includes classical learning along with the arts is often found in a holistic approach to development.

2. Emotional Development

A holistic approach addresses the preschooler’s emotional development needs. Children are taught emotional regulation skills, empathy for others, and how to recognize emotions. This method focuses on a positive self-image and helps build self-esteem. With a holistic approach, confidence building and other emotional wellness skills are taught to ensure strong emotional development. Students can freely express emotions in a safe space. They are also encouraged to talk about their feelings.

3. Physical Development

Age-appropriate fine motor skill development is a feature of this approach. These skills are honed through writing, cutting, crafting, and art. Gross motor skill development is also encouraged through running, jumping, and other physical activities. This method focuses on developing strong, healthy bodies with an emphasis on nutrition. Students are taught about the food they eat and how it can keep them healthy. Wellness activities are also a feature to help young bodies grow stronger.
A holistic approach to child development also includes other skill developments like social skills, cultural awareness, ethics, and more. This method is used in every area of a preschooler’s development. The success relies heavily on choosing the right school setting.
According to The United States Census Bureau, private schools enroll 10% of all American children. Parents committed to a holistic approach to child development typically choose private schools. Give your little one every advantage by registering them at a private school that follows a holistic approach. Call us at Key Point Academy Aventura today to enroll your child.