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What Does Socio-Emotional Development Look Like in a Preschool?

Socio-emotional development is how children begin to understand who they are, what they are feeling, and what they can expect when they interact with others. According to Casel.org, studies involving more than 1 million students show that social and emotional learning has a positive impact on students’ academic achievements. A private preschool can help your child’s socio-emotional development; here is how.

1. Verbal Expression

Young children sometimes struggle to manage their emotions. Preschool is a safe space where a child learns how to describe their emotions verbally instead of acting out. Being able to verbalize feelings helps to regulate them. They learn over time about triggers that cause certain emotions and how they are often connected to actions. Children also learn to verbally express how they feel about a situation, which can replace unwanted behaviors like tantrums, hitting, and pushing.

2. Emotional Regulation

The first step in regulating emotions is recognizing emotions and what causes certain feelings. In a private preschool setting, there are a lot of conversations about feelings and what can trigger them. A child can recognize when someone is sad, happy, scared, or angry because they are taught to look for signs. Understanding emotions through learning can help young children to regulate their own emotions. For example, if a child is sad because it is not their turn, preschool can help them evaluate and handle these feelings. These tools will serve them well throughout childhood and into adulthood.

3. Social Skills

Learning to be social is a process. Children in preschool learn how to negotiate with each other. They learn conflict resolution and how to communicate their needs. Learning and playing in groups allows children to work on their social skills. Early learners in preschool can develop empathy and compassion for others by honing their social skills. They make friends whom they can share ideas with. They learn to respect other people’s feelings. Private preschool is a valuable tool in socio-emotional learning. Children in these settings get to navigate social situations with their peers daily.

Socio-emotional development is an important part of development. It prepares children for their academic lives and improves how they navigate their own emotions and the emotions of others. Private preschool brings a lot of value into a child’s life. Learn more about the ideal preschool setting for your child. Call Key Point Academy Aventura today.