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How can a private preschool prepare your child for formal schooling?

Sending your child to a private preschool can set them up for success when they eventually transition into elementary institutions. With smaller class sizes and highly trained teachers, private preschools offer an environment tailored to a child’s developmental needs. According to Census.gov, 25% of all elementary and secondary schools are private. If you’re considering a private institution, continue reading to learn the multiple ways early education settings can benefit your child.

Early Socialization

Private preschools provide important socialization opportunities at a young age. With fewer students per teacher, instructors can facilitate more peer interactions and model positive social skills. Children learn how to share, cooperate, communicate respectfully, and resolve conflicts constructively. These interpersonal abilities pave the way for smooth social adjustment into kindergarten and beyond.

Emphasis on Pre-Academics

Unlike daycares that focus mainly on play and supervision, private preschools place emphasis on supporting the development of pre-academic skills in order to prepare children for formal schooling. Teachers incorporate important academic concepts related to math, science and early literacy such as counting, letter recognition, shapes, among others. Children also learn to follow multi-step directions, develop greater attention span and learn to work in structured environments. The pre-academic groundwork helps make the transition into primary grades smoother.

Individualized Instruction

With fewer students per classroom, teachers in private preschools can provide instruction tailored to each child’s strengths and needs. For those who need extra support in certain areas, small group and one-on-one attention is more feasible. Teachers communicate regularly with parents to update them on their child’s progress and address any possible developmental delays. By creating an early learning environment that focuses on child’s strengths and learning pace, students will be better prepared for higher education.

Enhanced School Readiness

Ultimately, private preschools provide a strong foundation across social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development to ensure your child is fully ready when it’s time to start elementary school. The benefits last well beyond kindergarten by setting students up for future academic excellence and lifelong learning. You can feel confident entrusting your child’s crucial early years of development to the care of a nurturing private preschool learning community.

Investing in high-quality private preschools, equips children with the tools to thrive in elementary school and beyond. If you’re looking to enroll your child in a private preschool, we invite you to tour our school and learn more about our nurturing environment and academic programs.